JCCP:Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum

International Cooperation

International Conferences / VIP Invitations

International conferences organized by JCCP are to provide a forum where oil men in Japan can exchange views with oil company executives,who are invited to Japan. Many representatives from the oil-producing countries participate in such annual seminars and engage in discussion of issues that need to be addressed collaboratively on a global scale. JCCP organizes other symposium jointly with oil-producing countries as occasions for the discussion of environmental issues and other such topics of common concern. JCCP also invites VIPs from oil-producing countries to Japan to exchange views and informations.

Research Programs

JCCP conducts surveys of the oil downstream sector in oil-producing countries, to accurately assess needs and issues in counterpart countries and implement programs that effectively respond to those needs. Comprehensive surveys are also carried out in countries where an increase in crude oil exports to Japan is expected, or where independent development is anticipated.

Dialogue with Executives of Oil Producing Countries

JCCP executives hold direct exchanges of views with top executives in oil-producing countries, by personally visiting and holding follow-up meetings with directors and executive officers in oil-related governmental agencies and national oil companies in oil-producing countries. The JCCP members clarify the goal, content, and achievements of JCCP activities, and elicit oil downstream issues that require cooperation from JCCP, by exchanging views on the implementation of mutual cooperation.

Participation in Exhibitions

JCCP seizes opportunities presented by international exhibitions and fairs, to introduce and promote greater awareness of its activities among people in Japan and abroad.

Overseas Offices

Overseas offices support for on-site activities in the Middle East.