JCCP:Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum

Research, PR and Other Activities

JCCP conducts surveys of present situations and future trends in counterpart countries to accurately assess their issues, and carries out surveys of the oil downstream sectors in oil-producing countries with the aim of implementing projects that effectively respond to needs in those countries. Such surveys are implemented annually on a continuing basis to keep abreast of changes that occur in oil-producing countries.

Survey on Downstream Trends in Oil-producing Countries

The Survey on Downstream Trends in Oil-producing Countries investigates the present state and issues facing the oil downstream sectors in counterpart countries, and provides a basis for creating support measures that specifically reflect the needs of each country.

The survey is implemented by a study group composed of members from oil companies, engineering firms and related institutions, and academic experts. The group assesses issues in the downstream sector from multifaceted perspectives, by retracing the counterpart country's political, economic, and social conditions underlying its downstream sector. It also systematically examines both common and country-specific downstream issues, through numerical analyses of various data. Based on these assessments and information it obtains from direct exchanges held in the counterpart country, the group identifies and prioritizes country-specific needs. The results of the survey are used by JCCP to create country-specific assistance measures, and are compiled into a report, for use by relevant organizations in Japan. (From FY2012, Comprehensive Surveys for Technical Cooperation have been integrated with the Survey on Downstream Trends.)

Participation in Exhibitions

JCCP utilizes opportunities presented by international exhibitions and fairs, to introduce and promote greater awareness of its activities among people in Japan and abroad.