JCCP:Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum

Technical Cooperation

Technical Cooperation Programs

Basic Survey Project / Project Theme-Finding

Feasibility Study Project (Confirmation of Project Workability)

Joint Technical Cooperation Project (Implementation of Projects in cooperation with Oil/Gas-Producing Countries)

At the request of oil/gas producing countries, JCCP and counterparts' organizations launch a joint technical cooperation project to solve issues such as: improving oil refinery processes and efficiency, enhance energy/environmental conservation efforts, develop new technology, and tackle other technical issues with the participation of Japanese petroleum companies, engineering firms, etc.

Through those programs, Japanese government and JCCP has been cooperating in developing energy industry in oil/natural gas producing countries. In the process, these nations' engineers enjoy technology transfer of advanced Japanese technologies and know-hows. At the same time the programs provide business opportunities for participating Japanese companies.

Some 30 projects are running every year. They are divided into three categories according to their phases.

Basic Research Projects

For the purpose of studying current or underlying issues in refining process, and crystalizing subjects in taking up as the theme of a joint program, JCCP sends mission to the field in counterpart. With the result, JCCP will deliberate whether or not to proceed to the next phase.

Feasibility Study Projects

JCCP, counterparts' organization and participating Japanese businesses, jointly study and review the program goal, scope of work, implementation system, and program schedules, etc. By doing so, JCCP evaluates the feasibility and workability of the projects as the joint-venture which contributes to the strengthening of the partner countries' petroleum and energy industries. JCCP also evaluates if the project provides the country with technology transfer opportunity of the Japanese industries.

Joint Technical Cooperation Projects

After the feasibility of a project is confirmed and once JCCP decides to take up as a Joint Technical Program on the ground that the project contributes to partner countries' petroleum and energy industries, JCCP and partner countries' organization shall conclude a Joint Project Agreement. Thereby the project will be started officially and tackling the issues in petroleum and energy industries in the country.