JCCP:Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum

Training Cooperation Programs in Oil-producing Countries and JCCP Program Seminars

Training Cooperation Programs in Oil-producing Countries

The Training Cooperation Program aims to deepen understanding of JCCP activities among coordinating officers in JCCP counterpart departments and related departments in national oil companies in oil-producing countries, by directly visiting them to promote JCCP programs. Furthermore, exchanges of views are held on issues specific to each country, to examine the possibility of implementing a project, discuss solutions to issues, and enhance future JCCP activities.

JCCP Program Seminars

The JCCP Program Seminar is a special program intended for managers of JCCP counterpart departments. By inviting them to Japan to personally experience a simulated training program of a regular course that participants actually attend, the program aims to deepen their understanding of JCCP activities. It also aims to promote detailed discussions and exchanges of views on future JCCP training programs and programs for the dispatch of Japanese experts to oil-producing countries.