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Japan Cooperation Center for Petroleum and Sustainable Energy (JCCP) was founded in November 1981 to promote friendly relations between oil-producing countries and Japan and contribute to securing a stable supply of oil to Japan through technical cooperation and personnel exchanges in the downstream sectors of the oil industry.

As a country that is almost fully dependent on imports of oil to satisfy the largest part of its primary energy demand, Japan naturally gives high priority to maintaining friendly relations with oil-producing countries. Particularly in recent years, it has become ever more important to establish closer ties and strengthen mutual understanding with foreign countries, given the dramatic changes in the oil situation, including changes in the demand-supply structure arising from economic growth in newly emerging countries in the Middle East and Asia, and the increasing geopolitical risks in some of the oil-producing countries.
Meanwhile, oil-producing countries are focusing their energy on going beyond the export of crude oil and advancing into the refining, marketing and other downstream sectors of the oil industry. They thus strongly seek the cooperation of advanced industrialized countries in acquiring the necessary technologies and in the development of human resources. This trend can be understood as a manifestation of the strong commitment of oil-producing countries to increase the added value of their oil resources and gain a foothold toward industrialization and industrial diversification in their country.
Given this situation, Japan, for its part, should respond actively to requests for cooperation in the oil downstream sectors in oil-producing countries as an effective and appropriate measure for strengthening and developing closer ties with these countries and for helping to ensure fairness in the future supply of oil.
 From this perspective, JCCP was founded in November 1981 as a core organization that brings together the strengths of private companies in all relevant industries. With support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it has implemented various training programs (training courses in Japan, dispatch of Japanese experts abroad, conferences and seminars, etc.) as a tangible form of cooperation in the downstream sectors of the oil industry in foreign countries.

In 2001, JCCP inherited the technical cooperation program (joint technical cooperation projects, international research cooperation programs) from Petroleum Energy Center (now known as Japan Petroleum Energy Center), and acquired a new avenue for pursuing even more effective and comprehensive operations.

 In oil-producing countries today, and particularly in the Gulf countries, rapid increases in population together with recent increases in the employment of national workers in industries are creating momentum to strengthen the oil downstream sectors, as represented by the construction and expansion of refineries by national oil companies. With strong aspirations of becoming world-class companies, these national oil companies are making active efforts to further increase the high added value of their oil products and address environmental issues.
 As a result, interest in Japan is becoming more specific and specialized than ever before. Not only have conventional requests for cooperation become increasingly sophisticated and wide-ranging, but deeper cooperation is also being sought in acquiring Japanese-style management techniques and human resource development methods.
 Furthermore, cooperation requests from newly emerging countries mainly in Asia are also worthy of attention and growing in importance, as they harbor the possibility of Japan's oil industry advancing overseas and building infrastructures for expanding operations based on their expertise in actually ensuring the stable supply of oil.

Since its founding, JCCP has developed close cooperative ties with the oil downstream sectors in countries around the world through training programs and technical cooperation projects. It will hereafter continue to enhance its friendly relationships with oil-producing countries and pursue its operations in order to contribute to securing a stable supply of oil to Japan and to promoting economic growth in both Japan and oil-producing countries.

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