JCCP:Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum

International Cooperation

International Cooperation projects complement the HRD Program and Technical Cooperation Program, and involve holding various international conferences and research activities, as well as initiatives to promote and strengthen information exchange and human relationships.

International Symposium

The JCCP International Symposium has been held annually since JCCP's founding, with the participation of energy experts and management officers from oil/gas-related institutions in oil/gas-producing countries, who are invited to Japan to discuss current oil/gas supply issues and their solutions with experts in the downstream sectors of Japan's oil/gas industry. Securing oil/gas products is just as important as securing crude oil, in ensuring stable supplies of oil/gas. Based on this awareness, the symposium provides an opportunity for oil/gas-producing and oil/gas-consuming countries to reconfirm their relationship, not of opposition, but of cooperation toward the common goal of developing a sound oil/gas downstream sector and uncovering future cooperation schemes.

Joint Symposiums with Oil and Gas Producing Countries

JCCP regularly hosts Joint Symposiums with Oil and Gas Producing Countries holding theme-specific seminars in Japan and oil and gas producing countries on an as-needed basis; such as a joint symposium with Saudi Aramco and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Saudi Arabia, as well as a joint symposium with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) in Kuwait.

These symposiums support the efforts of researchers in oil/gas-producing countries by providing a forum for presenting new research findings.

Alumni Meeting

The JCCP Alumni Meeting selects host countries, while fellow alumni from previous technical and HRD programs gather to enhance cooperation efforts. In addition, members work to strengthen and push forward JCCP's current and future project activities.

Research, PR and Other Activities

JCCP conducts surveys of the oil/gas downstream sector in oil/gas producing countries, to accurately assess needs and issues in counterpart countries and implement programs that effectively respond to those needs. Comprehensive surveys are also carried out in countries where an increase in crude-oil/LNG exports to Japan is expected, or where independent development is anticipated. In addition, JCCP seizes opportunities presented by international exhibitions and fairs, to introduce and promote greater awareness of its activities among people in Japan and abroad.

JCCP introduces and promotes greater awareness of its activities among people in Japan and abroad through international exhibitions and fairs, our homepage and social networks.