JCCP:Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum

Researcher Exchange Program

The "Researcher Invitation" and "Researcher Dispatch" programs are based on requests from oil/gas producing countries. JCCP arranges exchanges of researchers to and from Japan to help foster human resources related to the development of advanced technologies useful in the downstream fields, by stimulating interactions between researchers

Researcher Invitation Program

In FY1992, JCCP launched international joint research programs, such as on advanced catalyst development, together with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) in Kuwait.

The invitation program for researchers from oil/gas producing countries was started in FY1993, to laterally support these joint research programs.

Under this program, invited researchers from oil/gas producing countries study Japan's latest technologies and are closely instructed by Japanese professors or senior researchers for a few months.

Researcher Dispatch Program

In FY2007, JCCP launched a program for sending Japanese researchers to research institutions in major oil/gas producing countries.

Academic experts and senior researchers from universities or private companies in Japan, who have made significant achievements in their specialized fields, are sent to universities or research institutions in major oil/gas producing countries approximately for three months/year, to routinely assist in the development of local researchers and their R&D activities, in response to the needs of the counterpart organizations.

In addition to providing guidance, Japanese researchers who are sent to oil/gas producing countries apply their expertise to improving research methods, incubating new and promising research themes, and otherwise promoting the advancement and vitalization of research activities in their respective counterpart organizations.