JCCP:Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum

Policy Dialogue (Follow-up Meetings) with Executives of Oil-producing Countries

JCCP executives hold policy dialogues with top executives in oil-producing countries, by personally visiting and holding follow-up meetings with directors and executive officers in oil-related governmental agencies and national oil companies in oil-producing countries. The JCCP members clarify the goals, content, and achievements of JCCP activities, and elicit oil downstream issues that require cooperation from JCCP, by exchanging views on the implementation of mutual cooperation.

In oil-producing countries, rapid population growth is accelerating demand for oil products. To respond to this increase in demand, the oil downstream sectors in those countries are currently implementing a number of construction projects. They are also working to improve management efficiency, with an eye to global expansion, and are in need of increasingly advanced cooperation from JCCP. Maintaining close relations with oil-producing countries is vital to JCCP, in order to understand downstream trends in each country, as well as to accurately and timely put requests into perspective.