JCCP:Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum

International Conferences

The JCCP International Symposium

The JCCP International Symposium has been held annually since JCCP's founding, with the participation of energy experts and management officers from oil-related institutions in oil-producing countries, who are invited to Japan to discuss current oil supply issues and their solutions with experts in the downstream sectors of Japan's oil industry.
Securing oil products is just as important as securing crude oil, in ensuring stable supplies of oil. Based on this awareness, the symposium provides an opportunity for oil-producing and oil-consuming countries to reconfirm their relationship, not of opposition, but of cooperation toward the common goal of developing a sound oil downstream sector and uncovering future cooperation schemes.

The Joint GCC-Japan Environment Symposium

The Joint GCC-Japan Environment Symposium is held annually, to strengthen cooperative relations between the GCC countries and Japan, through the exchange of information among experts in the environmental field in the relevant countries. Each of the six GCC countries hosts the symposium in turn, in collaboration with a national oil company, domestic university, or research institute. (Tokyo has hosted the symposium twice in the past.)
The symposium is gaining increasing attention each year among the GCC countries, as a forum dedicated to addressing current environmental issues.
Presentations given by Japanese experts and experts from national companies, universities, research institutes, and administrative institutions in GCC countries draw large numbers of guests to the symposium from the GCC countries and Japan. The opening ceremony is a grand affair that is held with the attendance of senior officials of the hosting institution, representatives from relevant governmental bodies, and the Japanese Ambassador to the host country. The symposium receives wide coverage in various media.